Wet Rot Treatments in Sheffield


One of the most severe sources of timber damage within buildings is fungal decay, commonly known as Dry Rot and Wet rot.

Wet rot is a general term used to describe the majority of fungal species responsible for timber decay. There are several species of Wet Rot in Sheffield, but all require a moisture content in wood between 40-60%. This is commonly caused in wood exposed to damp conditions for prolonged periods of time. Wet Rot fungi, whilst generally not as destructive as Dry Rot, can nevertheless cause severe damage if left untreated and is a common cause of structural defects.

How do you identify Wet rot?

Wet rot has similar characteristics to dry rot but as the mycelium is not always present which would facilitate identification, we recommend diagnosis by a qualified surveyor from PDC Damp Proofing.

Appearances can include the following:

  • Cuboidal cracking (not as severe as dry rot)
  • Mycelium – whitish/yellow at first, later yellowish/brown.
  • Strands – yellowish/brown at first, later dark brown.
  • Fruiting body – creamy/yellow at first, later olive/brown
  • Distortion, discolouration, softness, cracking and the loss of strength of the timber.

How will PDC Damp Proofing cure your wet rot?

After our surveyors have carried out a thorough inspection we can send our experienced technicians to the property where they will:

  • Replace affected timbers and in some instances renew wall plaster
  • Introduce ways to increase ventilation and drying out
  • Apply preservative treatment

We will then issue you with our 20 year guarantee and unlike many of our competitors in the South Yorkshire you can be comforted by our 30 year history as wet and dry rot specialists that we will be around in the future to honour our guarantees.

Contact PDC Damp Proofing

Surveys and quotations for wet rot treatments in Sheffield are offered free of charge and without obligation so why not contact our team today by phone or by email to arrange a survey with a surveyor. If you would like to learn more about our range of services follow us here.

PDC was very professional and responsible in their services. They had repaired my roof and after 3 months some tiles had fallen off due to storm. They responded promptly to check their repairs and identified another issue that the storm has caused. It is this type of responsible service that should be much appreciated.

Dennis Wang – March 12, 2020