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Penetrating Damp

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We offer unbeatable prices for the treatment of damp in your home, not because were cheap but because we charge fairly for the work involved with treating damp in your home. On average in 2017 our costs for treatment were over 60% less than quotations received elsewhere.

So don’t pay over the odds to treat damp in your property, give us a call and we’ll offer a free survey and a fair quotation for treatment which were more than happy for you to compare elsewhere.

Likewise if you have had a survey elsewhere and would like some telephone advice feel free to contact us and we can offer advice over the phone.


Condensation Treatments

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Wet Rot Treatments

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Here at PDC Damp Proofing, we offer expert damp proofing services as an effective way of curing any damp problems in your property. If our expert surveyors detect damp at your premises, it can be easily treated by our engineers using an injection of a chemical damp course, followed by the removal of the salt-affected wall plaster. Our pricing for treatments are amongst the most competitive in Sheffield with absolutely no compromise on service or delivery.

PDC Damp Proofing provides a complete eco-friendly solution for the home owner and construction professional against all dampness and timber problems in historic and modern buildings throughout the city.

Woodworm Treatments

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Our success is due to our range of treatments, technology and methods we use for damp proofing, unrivalled in the UK which has evolved through continuous research and development and analysis of case histories over 30 years. We provide a 20-30 year guarantee on all services. The Company’s reputation for professional excellence and customer satisfaction is the result of a philosophy to which we are strongly committed.

This commitment is underlined by staff led customer care programme which establishes and maintains outstanding performance standards and we continue to improve our service to the industry through the adoption of cutting edge environmental technology and treatments. We cover all areas in the South Yorkshire.

Timber Treatments

speak to our team about treating your sheffield timberSheffield damp proofing offer a full range of timber treatment including treatment for wood worm, the timber beetle, dry rot and wet rot.

The three most common forms of timber attack are wet rot, dry rot and woodworm. Dry rot is a fungus that attacks dry timbers. In buildings such an attack can be devastating as structural damage often results.

Dry rot has the ability to grow through solid walls and behind plasterwork. It is good practice to remove all infected material rather than rely solely on chemical treatment. Wet rot is a fungal attack on damp or wet timber. Superficial growth may affect surrounding masonry but damage is not usually caused to such material.

Timbers most at risk are those that have come into contact with water such as from a leaking roof and timbers that are in a damp environment such as a sub floor area.

Condensation Control in Sheffield

Condensation is caused when water is deposited on the cooler surfaces in a building, particularly in winter. The first indication is usually black mould growth in the worst affected areas. This growth is characteristic of condensation because mould needs pure water for it’s growth and development. In severe cases the amount of water may be great, causing pools of water on the floor, windowsills or on clothing and furniture.

Householders often find it difficult to believe that such severe damp problems can be caused by condensation alone. Often they believe there must be some sort of building defect which is usually not the case.

Often, the condensation can occur at low levels where the surface of the wall is coolest, starting in a corner and then spreading along the length of the wall. This may appear to be rising damp and can easily be confused. Our team can expertly identify the type and source of your damp problem to ensure the right remedial treatment is specified.

Rising Damp Treatments Sheffield

Rising damp happens when the lower regions of walls are affected by damp from the ground.
In a modern building, a watertight damp proof membrane is placed in block work at a low level, which serves as a barrier against upwardly moving ground dampness. In earlier times, rising ground dampness and its effects were not well known, and with the exception of very far sighted practice, old stone and brick walls were not provided with a damp proof membrane.

The result is that naturally occurring waters from the ground are absorbed by the porous materials of wall construction i.e. bedding and pointing mortars. Furthermore, the absorbed ground waters have the capacity to rise by capillary action, reaching an average height of 1.0 metre. The end result is that the affected walls are permanently damp at a low-level, being visibly affected in the form of damp staining of decorations, breakdown of plaster, deterioration of skirting timbers, window panelling timbers and doorframes.

Do you have a rot problem?

Mushroom smell? White fungal growth? Cuboidal cracking in the timber? Fungal growth on timber? Damp smell around the home? Soft, cracked wood?

If you have any of these signs of rot contact us today for a free survey.

PDC was very professional and responsible in their services. They had repaired my roof and after 3 months some tiles had fallen off due to storm. They responded promptly to check their repairs and identified another issue that the storm has caused. It is this type of responsible service that should be much appreciated.

Dennis Wang – March 12, 2020